COMICPALOOZA – Ain’t no party like a Comicpalooza party, cuz the Comicpalooza party don’t stop!

comicpalooza-logo-largeComicpalooza 2015 was bigger and better than ever! Four days of Memorial Day weekend mondo-mega-madness was not even enough for all the awesome.

There were all kinds of celebrities there, like Stan Lee, George Takei, Summer Glau, and Jason Isaacs. There were music stars like Megadeath’s Dave Ellefson, Marky Ramone, and freakin’ GWAR. And there were writers like Raymond Feist (the Riftwar Saga). I hate to leave anyone out but I’m not going to make this a complete list because it would take up the entire blog.

Space City Sabers was there, and we taught a beginner “Padawan” and an intermediate “Knight” rated lightsaber class on Saturday and met some truly awesome fans. At the beginner class, we taught the “Basic 8” but that was about all we had time for because we had to go through a pretty big group. This is an extremely basic form meant to get someone used to swinging a saber across the different angles of attack, but everyone had a good time, and parents were taking lots of pictures. Here’s a video of the Basic Eight Form from Lone Star Saber Academy out in Austin:

The intermediate class was smaller so we had more time. We taught the “Novastar 10,” the Star Pattern drill, and some saber spins. The Novastar 10 is a form that gives you all the angles of attack plus some pretty cool moves. Just going through the form with someone looks like a little choreographed fight, and you can do a lot of fun things with it. It was developed by Matthew “Novastar” Carauddo and you can learn more from him at

We finished up the class with a nice group photo that we did freeze-mob style, where we all paired up and got into saber fighting poses, held them for about a minute while photographers got all the cool angles, and then we switched to a new pose, and repeated that about five times. There should be some awesome pics on the Comicpalooza Flickr account within another week or two!

In between the classes, being the sword geek that I am, I caught Tetsuro Shimaguchi, a Japanese sword artist. For those who want to see examples of his style, Shimaguchi was the fight choreographer of Kill Bill. The “Crazy 88” all were directed by this true master of the blade. He spoke some English but they had an interpreter on hand for him, and this guy was the real deal. I’ve only studied European sword, but it was very cool to see the similarities and differences between the styles. He was breathtakingly amazing.

There were all kinds of panels for all kinds of fans. Collecting, gaming, writing, film, cosplaying – you name it, they had it. You could play tabletop games with the herd of gamers that showed up. You could play console games, or get into a game of League of Legends with everyone in the same room. It was a cool environment where you could talk to just about anyone around you and find something in common you could talk about.

It wouldn’t be a con without some cunning cosplay – and there was cosplay GALORE. Here a link to the Houston Press’s gallery of cosplayers (120 pics or so!) I’ve included lots of my own pics and a few extras in this article’s gallery as well! , There were also lovely ladies like Ivy Doomkitty, Mariedoll, BelleChere, and lots more. 😉

But there was fun for the entire family, including an obstacle course for little kids, robotics labs, laser tag, and more. Comicpalooza is definitely positioned to become THE biggest event in the land of Texas, and I’ll see you there next time.


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