Comic Review: Super Siblings Lord of the Clarks by Patrick Scullin

When I met Jedi Master Patrick Scullin at Phoenix Comicon this year, I was drawn to his table by an awesome print of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As I sat and talked with him, I discovered he also does a web comic called Super Siblings. It is the first printed collection of Super Siblings, called “Lord of the Clarks” that I am here to share with you today.supersiblings cover

Meet the Clarks.

Father James Clark, a Jedi Master, is a geek trying to raise his family the geekiest way he knows how.

Mother Donna Clark is a ‘normal,’ a woman married to a Geek, raising two children. She is supportive of her husband’s geeky lifestyle, but not a geek herself.

Conrad Clark, the son has a Secret Identity: He is Scout. He can fly. He can throw a meteor away from Earth. He’s “faster than a speeding car, stronger than a machine gun, and less powerful than a nagging mother.” Scout is a hero. And his family has no idea.


Courtney Clark is the younger sister of Conrad, and is also the Banshee, a “pint sized super phantom.” She is a villain, with her own minions and plots to rule the world. She has mind control powers.


Naturally, Conrad and Courtney have no idea that their sibling has a Super identity and that identity is their nemesis.

courtney project
The storytelling is wonderful. Courtney and Conrad live normal lives with their normal mother and geeky father, go on vacations, go out to dinner, shop, celebrate holidays, and do all the normal things that normal kids do, except for the added bonus of having to hide themselves away.


My favorite short story contained within Lord of the Clarks has to involve Courtney. While watching television, Courtney discovers that “McDowells” now has a Children’s meal with a “Trixie” doll inside. She must have this doll, and begs her parents into taking her to McDowells, only to discover tat the restaurant is out of Trixie Dolls. Instead, she gets a “Lord Voltron” robot. This will not do, so out comes the Banshee, who wrecks the store until she gets a Trixie doll. Scout comes to stop Banshee, and only succeeds in getting food spilled all over the restaurant. Banshee escapes, Trixie doll in hand, and Courtney returns ‘from the bathroom’ with her new Trixie doll. The doll, being a children’s meal prize, breaks on the way home.

This story, actually the whole comic, reminds me so much of childhood. Let me be clear: my father is not a geek of Mr. Clark’s caliber, and my siblings and I don’t have super powers. I also rarely got McDonalds toys from Happy Meals because my mother said they were “dumb boy toys.” (The Happy Meals of my childhood were one type of toy at a time, and usually were stupid little cars or robots or something. Stuff I wouldn’t play with.


No, the comic reminded me of my evil little sister (Love you, Al). One of my little sisters threw notorious tantrums when she didn’t get her way, much like Banshee. I shudder to think what she would have done, the damage she could have caused, had she possessed super powers or mind control. (Though admittedly, my sister could probably give Courtney a run for her money in a belch-off).
What I didn’t like about the book is that I feel like there could have been a bit more about the super villainy and super heroics of the two siblings. The book focuses far more on their “Jedi Master” father.

Based off the collection Lord Of the Clarks, I am excited to get to read the rest of this series and have good, positive hopes to see how the story plays out.

You can buy the first book here.

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Review Overview

This is freaking awesome 95%
I’m giving Super Siblings: Lord of the Clarks a 9.5. Only because I wish the book had explored more into the super identities of the Clark Siblings instead of their mundane lives. However, I can easily pop over to the webcomic home site: and read up on their adventures and battles.


Legal stuff: I got a free copy of Lord of the Clarks for review purposes. The fact that it was free did not influence the rating.

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