Chloe Sens – Special Effects Makeup Artist and Sculptor Interview at ALAC

Anexandros of Land of the Nerds interviews Chloe Sens, a contestant from Face/Off Season 6 (2014). Before pursuing makeup arts, Chloe worked as an executive pastry chef in an Austin, Texas Bakery and in 2012, she was granted a work study internship at Cinema Makeup School. In this interview, Chloe talks about her experiences on face/off and the make-up industry.

During the convention, Chloe turned Mo Meinhart into Malificent:

david and molificent, chloe sens

This costume took four hours to complete, and Mo looked amazing, drawing a great crowd.

Another great example of Chloe’s work would be her Frankenstein’s Monster design from her Face/Off experience: Frankenstein's monster by Chloe Sens

Mo Meinhart:


Other interviews from the Face/Off and 13th Floor crowd:
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Face/Off Season 7 premiers on July 22.

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