Charlaine Harris – Author “Southern Vampire Mysteries” Phoenix Comicon Interview

Moon Sedai of Land of the Nerds interviews one of her favorite authors, Charlaine Harris and discusses Ms. Harris’s new book, Midnight Crossroad, True Blood, and the Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Note: About six minutes into the video, we lost sound. Because we still think this is an amazing interview, allow me to salvage it for you, my Land of the Nerds Readers (And Charlaine Harris fans):

Charlaine calls TV Series Lafayette “fabulous” (even more so than the one she wrote in the first book of the Southern Vampire Mysteries titled Dead after Dark).
We then go on to discuss Terry Bellefleur. Mandy asked Ms. Harris about Terry Bellefleur, and wanted to know if any specific veterans inspired him. Ms Harris said he was an amalgam of Veterans she has known in her life, and that her son is also a Veteran of the military. In the novels, Bellefleur was a Vietnam Veteran suffering from PTSD who raises dogs along with occasionally assisting at Merlotte’s. He did not have that crazy demon story line.

Midnight Crossroad; Mrs. Harris's newest novel
Midnight Crossroad; Mrs. Harris’s newest novel

Moon Sedai plans on reading and reviewing this novel sometime this summer

For more about True Blood, read Moon’s blog “What I love about Sookie’s World.“To read more from Charlaine Harris, check out her blog or her homepage

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