Character Profile: The First Sergeant

First Sergeant (Ret) Paul Mason.

Born 9-1-1958, Chicago, Illinois

US Army (1976-2001)

First Sergeant Paul Mason, “the First Sergeant” is the father of Olisbeth Mason.
He retired at the end of a 25 year career, just weeks before 9/11.

In 1990, his wife Helen disappeared without a trace while he was on a Deployment supporting operation Desert Storm, leaving just the First Sergeant and his daughter Olisbeth alone.

Little his known about his family history; he keeps his past close to his hip.

Quotes about Paul:

“Arthur, I have to ask…. who was your most formidable opponent?”
“Why do you ask, Dionysus?”
“You’ve hunted with some of the best hunters in history, faced some of the toughest predators in the known universe, and faced down at least two Titans. That’s not to mention the countless acts you’ve done in other guises. I want to know, is there anything that has ever scared you?”
“First Sergeant Paul Mason.”
“That’s it? First Sergeant Paul Mason? What’s so scary about him? He’s just a Mortal. ”
“He is Olives’ dad, Dion.”
“Oh… Yeah. Got it. Dude, you’re on your own.”

Quotes by Paul:

One more thing, son… If I find out you’ve lied to me today, or if you ever hurt my girl, or her kids, remember, I own a vast array of weaponry and I know how to hide bodies.”

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