Brony Blog 7: Two at a time

Whattup, Sports Fans, It is Anexandros here, and I am doing another Brony Blog on August 21st.  My girl is down for the count sleeping in and I am determined to finish this thing just so I can watch all of my shows on the DVR that I still haven’t touched. I am at least starting to enjoy my watching of the show when I can schedule enough time to do a blog. I am determined to not do blogs of one to two episode lengths as I feel that would make for very short articles.

Episode Another: Bird on the hoof

pony bird

Alice in Wonderland jokes and mimery, Go! Doesn’t Queen already know your friends are the keys to beating Luna? Rarity seems to be a touch psycho. Applejack looks like a hoover vacuum cleaner without power at the table. And the chocolate shell on Pinkypie makes me laugh as my dog has done similar with the PB jar. Overserving, it is a problem to those in power. What monstrosity is in the cage? Rarity is sweeping the floor with her dress, and any decent caterer would want the food eaten so they don’t have to carry it back. Oh, it is sick. Ittybitty grain, around a horse pill, Not happening! I have a fever and you want me to eat hot soup?! Allergic to the ointment tape and feathers? Kidnapping charges, great! Jails and banishment, these are real fears. Break a foot until they open their mouth, it is the Marine way! The Elizabethan cone of shame. And now the darn thing is mobile, Benny Hill themes? And the bird is bald. IS it a phoenix? Ah ha, I guessed it. It is a phoenix, I guessed it right on the death knell from the fountain…and the bursting to ash just gave it away. I did it, I put it all together. Now they are arguing! And Celestia is telling her to quit stalling. Philomena is a name for a phoenix. It was messing with them. There was no reason to suspect otherwise in a non-magical society…That was why she had the hot thermometer, Doh! If phoenixes are on fire how do they tickle noses?


Episode 23: Cutie Mark Chronicles

cutiemark hug

Those don’t get THAT hot!! The orange one went cross-eyed! This is the first time the subtitles have let me see the word IS in the titles! We get backgrounds! Yay! Mane-hattan, haha! Orange? Okay, Mane-hattan isn’t known for citrus farming, wouldn’t Flo-Rider work better? nyuk,nyuk! Are we sure that isn’t Rainbow Dash flying home? Scooters are great to ride! Fluttershy emanates blonde, even with pink hair…interesting. Saved by butterflies…wouldn’t touching their wings kill them? Song of the familiars! A a Sonic Rainboom! Singing and talking to critters underwater. I hate when my horn drags me outside and to the desert… SonicBoom! Her power of gem-finding was forced on her, really not cool. That was not her discovering her happiness. Bad Writing!!! Wow, Celestia is pompous, look at me, look at me! Twilight’s story would be a good story of finding your passion. Sonic Rainbooming terrified her into making spike massive? That would earn a cutie mark! Gothy pinky pie. That sonic Rainboom did everyone’s cutie mark. You wasted all our food! Where did you get balloons from? Didn’t we already know this story? Didn’t we see this coming?


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