Arizona Hive Umbrella Corporation Interview at Phoenix Comicon 2014

The Arizona Hive of the Umbrella Corporation spent Phoenix Comicon dressed in their Resident Evil cosplay, terrifying and scaring small children.
From their website, “Umbrella Corporation Arizona Hive is a non-profit cosplay charity group created by Donald Pease in November 2012. The group was designed to raise money and awareness for the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA while spreading the fun of costuming. All members dress up or create costumes and props based around the Umbrella Corporation from the much loved series Resident Evil.”

That’s right. The Arizona Hive of the Umbrella Corporation dresses in Cosplay to raise awareness and money for a No-Kill Shelter.

We at Land of the Nerds are all pet owners, and because of this, found this cause particularly important, and these people have found an AWESOME and entertaining way to help this important cause.



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