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Nerds, Geeks, Dweebs, Dorks: We are your people. Are you a member of a fandom, and want an exciting place to read about cool new fannish stuff?

Do you love small, independent comic strips, self-published books, and 1980s Cartoons?

Are you the kind of person who can’t make up your mind if you are a Browncoat, a Whovian, or a Potterhead? Are you “SuperWhoLocked?”

Can’t Decide between Magneto or the Joker?

Do you have so much Fandoming to do that you don’t know where to begin?

If you are a fan, of any of the wonders of Sci/Fi, Fantasy, Comics, movies, RPGs, Anime, Ponies, or even Dinosaurs, Land of the Nerds is the place where you want to come and learn, read, and do more!

Check out our latest episode of Nerd Beards!

This is the first episode of our unique web series, Nerd Beards. For this episode, we recreated the opening of He-Man.

Exploring Doctor Who: Experiences of a first time Viewer

Exploring Doctor Who is one of our many educational columns. Our head Blogger Moon Sedai had never before watched Doctor Who when she met Doctor #7 (Sylvester McCoy) at a convention.
So she started watching, and gave us a blog chronicling her journey into becoming a Whovian.
Now, Moon is a Doctor Who Fanatic, owns a Sonic Screwdriver, and has also allowed her husband to watch a series he loved as a child that she never “got” before actually doing this Exploration.

After Moon caught up with the modern Doctor Who, she continued writing about other Doctor Who things, including a nice long consideration of the Tardis’ strength as a role model.

crypt keeper
Undead Cinema

Undead Cinema The “Sarcastic Anexandros,” or “Darth Anexandros,” as he likes to be called, reviews older movies to see if they still hold up over the years of wear and tear. Why “Undead?” Because he’s pulling stuff out of the Crypt, rewatching “films I haven’t seen in years,” looking to see if films we knew and loved in our childhood are still as good as he remembers. Anexandros’ only personal Caveat for Undead Cinema: He won’t touch Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or the Indiana Jones Trilogy.

The questions answered are “Does the film still draw attention at conventions?; Does it get quoted?;Do people cosplay from the film?; Is the Plot any good?”

Movies reviewed to date include Alien, Goonies, and Journey to the West.

Land of the Nerds is a small, Veteran-owned media company that started as a out as a way to promote positive fandom experiences. With Land of the Nerds, you can find fun, entertaining and educational videos about Science, but also commentaries on 1980s cartoons in our web series “Nerd Beards” and fascinating reviews, interviews and more.

We exist as a way to look back at our childhood, preserve the fandoms of the past, and link them together with future fans in an entertaining format.