A Secret Face (2017 A3F 72 Hour Challenge)

“A Secret Face” was a Top 20 finished in the 2017 Almost Famous Film Festival 72 hour “Deception” Film Challenge

A Land of the Nerds Film

Amelia M. Saylor Billings
Mason Robert Peters
James Giovanni Johnston
Mason’s Wife Melody Gorman
Jack (DOG) Kanji
Jackie Mandy Oviatt

Director: Lyle Dillie

Production: Lyle Dillie and Morgan Oviatt

Original Story by Melody Gorman

Screenplay: Melody Gorman, Lyle Dillie, and Mandy Oviatt

Editor: Lyle DIllie, Giovanni Johnston, and Tina Taliaferro

Audio Technician David Dillie

Special Thanks to Michael Fett and EMCC MTI Club

Office Location Provided by Gangplank
a collaborative coworking and event space

Music by Aaron Wilde

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