31 Days and 30 Knights of Star Wars: Live from Houston

Most of you know that, in the Land of the Nerds and beyond, May 4th is 11193219_10153257501433180_8995855974992359561_nthe unofficial Star Wars holiday. “May the Fourth” is a time for the fans to come together and celebrate Star Wars fandom with movie marathons, lightsaber battles, gaming binges, and hopefully a few purchases.

This year, I’m celebrating as a new writer for LOTN, which makes this year particularly awesome for me. This month, in celebration of May the Fourth and in anticipation of The Force Awakens, Land of the Nerds will be bringing our brilliant readers the finest Star Wars geekery every day of this month, which is particularly awesome for you. We call it “30 Days and Knights of Star Wars.”

R2D2 in a tutu!

This weekend, the Force has been strong in Houston. There were people showing up in costume at the Marquee Theater downtown, the Star Wars Arts festival, lightsaber training at Northshore Park in The Woodlands, more cosplaying at NASA on Sunday, not to mention sales on Star Wars merchandise all over town. Also, slightly off-topic, its Free Comic Book Day!

The Star Wars Art Festival

There’s more lightsaber practice happening later this month and throughout the year, and many more upcoming articles from me about lightsabers and swordplay.

Awhile back, me and some friends I made at a local con got together and started Space City Sabers, and we are all about swordplay in costume for good causes. Yeah – when I wrote that I didn’t want to just pretend Star Wars, that I wanted to live it, I kinda meant it. There’s nothing quite like holding a metal hilt in your hand that lights up and sounds like the real thing, even if you know its not. When you combine that with a modicum of skill and expertise, slap on a costume… well, lets just say that you don’t ever really have to 11150635_10153013561296492_8088151980914679633_ngrow up. But when you can do it for kids and fans, its pretty much the best thing ever.

But the crescendo this month will definitely be Comicpalooza, coming up in three weeks. I’m expecting a lot of Star Wars sexiness with the movie coming out in a few months, and we’ll be there, bringing you pictures, video, and 11200594_10204191003235577_4301121487479368581_ninterviews with the awesomeness. Stay tuned, sithsters.




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