Mourning the death of Corey Monteith

I am deeply saddened upon hearing the news of the passing of Canadian actor Corey Monteith. For those who don’t know who this fantastic young actor was, Corey, 31, played “Finn” on the television show “Glee!” for its first four seasons.


Corey was found dead in his Vancouver Hotel room Saturday afternoon when he failed to check out on time. Cause of death is not yet know, an autopsy is scheduled for Monday. Foul play is not suspected.

All the news reports I’ve seen thus far have talked about how he checked himself into rehab back in April, and this caused him to be temporarily written out of Glee!, giving him a time to recover from his addictions and such.

While it might turn out that his death is drug related (as it often is when young celebrities die ‘all of a sudden’), it is just as likely that his death is from natural causes.

It bothers me that the news media is focusing on his drug problems, as if that is the only thing that was going on with Corey’s life. Corey had a troubled youth; he dropped out of high school, struggled with drug and alcohol addictions as a teenager, but had mostly cleaned his life up prior to the beginning of his acting career. In 2011, he received his High School diploma. Corey was a smart man and was reading at a high level at an early age. In April, he checked himself into rehab; this shows he at least had enough wits about him to seek help when he came to having problems. He was also dating longtime co-star Lea Michele, “Rachel” on the show.

The autopsy will be done on monday.

When the Show Glee! first aired, it reminded me in so many ways of my own high school experience. I was a nerdy band kid, and did not even feel like I fit in with the band kids. While I never got a slushy to the face, I was picked on (not necessarily because I was in band, but it did not help). High school was an awful experience for me, though, and band did give me some focus, something to enjoy about what was otherwise a miserable experience.

I really liked the first three seasons of Glee! Following Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and the rest through their High school troubles was a fun ride for me, even if I was eventually annoyed at how Rachel-centric the show had become by the end of Season 3. At the end of Season 3, I was partially excited, because Rachel had a big walk-off scene, implying her character was going off for ‘bigger and better things’ and thus was not going to be a focus in season 4.

I was wrong, however. Season 4 split attention between New York City (where Rachel, Kurt, and eventually Santana live and learn) and Ohio, where “McKinley High School” was located. This annoyed me because a show that had been about the struggles of high school students and their teacher moved focus from high school. I get annoyed every time something good happens to Rachel. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t jump for joy when bad happens to her, but so much ends up going her way that it annoys me. Nothing in life works out as good as Rachel’s life has on the show.

That rant being over, I will miss Finn on the show. He was an all-around good guy, a quarterback who stood up for the Nerds in the Glee Club, and stepped up to take responsibility for Quinn’s baby (when he thought the child was his). Finn had his flaws, he sometimes sided with the Jocks over the Glee club, especially in the case of his step-brother Kurt, but in the end, he always made the ‘right’ decision by taking care of the Glee club and its members. He had an on-again, off-again relationship with Rachel, even almost marrying her, but sent her away to New York ‘for her own good’ after graduation, joining the Army.

When he was in high school, Finn was the Soul of New Directions! He stepped in to help the club when Director Will Schuester went to D.C. for several months to campaign for more money to fund the arts. He was just starting to figure out what he wanted in life, how he wanted to be as an adult, what he wanted to do with himself. And now, the show will have to go on without him.

I am sad, and my thoughts are with Corey’s family, friends, and loved ones today.


Update, 7/16:

It has since come out that Cory Monteith’s death was due to a mix of Heroin and Alcohol. This does not change my earlier statement and ideas.  Yes, he did drugs, and yes, that was responsible for his death. Maybe the tragic circumstances of his death will help teach the youth to avoid heroin. Hopefully, some good will come of this sadness.

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